In-service training Programmes

Civil service College designs and delivers core and tailor made training Programmes in line with the Uganda Public Service Training Policy.

Core training Programmes

The College designs and delivers Core learning Programmes that are centrally commissioned to address cross-cutting capacity needs of all public officers in Government Ministries, Departments, Agencies (MDAs) and Local Governments (LGs). These Programmes are mandatory and the categories of officers to be trained are invited from time to time in accordance with the Training Calendar.

To deliver its mandate effectively and efficiently, the Uganda Public Service requires officers, who are team builders, flexible, client oriented, adopt quickly, go an extra mile to achieve results; officers who know what makes a difference in performance and are able to deliver that difference. Such officers cannot be selected using the traditional recruitment approach that emphasizes academic qualifications because such criterion does not give information on the behavioural issues that affect performance of an individual. Competence-Based Recruitment Training Programme has been developed to enhance the capability of service commissions to select the best people with the required skills as well as attitudes to do the work.

The majority of officers recruited in the Uganda Public Service take up their new positions and begin work with very little knowledge and understanding of the Public Service ethos and their role as public officers in service delivery and economic growth. CSCU has developed a comprehensive Induction Programme for newly recruited Public officers to initiate them into a public service cadre with common values, ethos and doctrine in service delivery.
Click here for 2015 Induction Program due 6th to 19th September
This training Programme targets all public officers and aims to equip them with knowledge and skills necessary for implementing the performance management process in a results oriented manner. The Programme further aims to build and maintain an effective performance management culture in Uganda Public Service.
To execute its mandate efficiently and effectively, the Uganda Public Service requires a critical mass of well trained professional and ethical leaders. CSCU has developed Leadership and Change Management Training Programme aimed at developing transformational leader - managers in the Service.
To support efforts to build procurement and disposal capacity in the public sector, the Civil Service College designed Public Procurement and Contract Management Training Programme, in partnership with Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority (PPDA), aimed at improving the capacity of government officials at various levels to uphold value for money practices in the procurement and disposal of goods and services as well as management of service delivery contracts.
The Programme targets Accounting Officers, User Departments, Procurement and Disposal Units, elected officers and Contract Committees in MDAs and LGs
This training Programme aims to enhance knowledge of individual, community and Programmematic factors that influence outcomes of organizational interventions; justify allocation and improve use of limited resources; and strengthen Programme design and implementation. The Programme targets officers in the functional areas of Policy and Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation; and Research and Training in MDAs and LGs

This training Programme targets all public officers and aims to raise their innovation consciousness and promotes innovative work place behaviour for improved service delivery.
This training Programme aims to demystify retirement and enable public officers to confidently and productively prepare for life after retirement from public service work. It is designed and implemented through a six-phased incremental approach targeting officers from the age of 45 to 59 years.

Tailor-Made Training Programmes

These are designed and implemented to meet specific needs of a requesting institution. The programmes are customised in terms of content and duration of specific teams of various sizes. They are conducted on mutually agreed dates. We need at least a month advance notice to prepare for the programme.