Innovations & Awards 2015

  • Mayor of Estonia speaking at the Innovations Conference 2013 held at hotel Africana

Uganda Public Sector Innovations Awards 2015.

Ministry of Public Service, through Civil Service College Uganda (CSCU) is happy to announce the 3rd Public Sector Innovation Conference

The dates, theme, and categories of this year's Innovations and Awards conference will be communicated later.

Submission Rules and Guidelines

1. All Public servants are eligible either as Ministries, Departments, Agencies, Local Governments, teams or individuals.
2. The innovation does not have to be completed but it should have been around long enough to be tested and show strong promise of added value.
3. Relevant supporting materials or documents should be submitted together with the submission form. Entries should not contain confidential information, as confidentiality cannot be guaranteed.
4. Entries should be written in simple English, avoiding use of jargon and complicated scientific terms. The form should be filled correctly, with as much summary information and details as possible. Hand written submissions will be acceptable when the writing is legible.
5. Civil Service College Uganda will not bear any of the costs related to submissions.
6. Submissions made the previous year which won the awards are not eligible.
7. Entries that do not meet eligibility requirements will be disqualified.
8. Applicants should submit their initiatives using the submission form attached
9. For category 7, the adjudication committee will assess all submissions and choose the best overall. It is therefore important to show how your innovation relates to other categories.

The details of the categories are contained in the submission guidelines draft which can be downloaded from click here