Leadership and Management Development Training for Inspectorate of Government Officers

  •       Deputy IGG Mr.Goerge Bamugemereire (Centre) with the Director CSCU(Left) pause for a photo with the Inspectorate of Government Officers that participated in the on-going Training.

    Target group

The programme targets 58 Inspectorate of Government Officers comprising the Regional Inspectorate Officers, Section Heads and Deputy Directors, from scales IG 6D to IG1..

    Training outcomes

On completion of the training, the participants should be able to:

  • apply the knowledge and skills to results oriented leadership in execution of IG’s mandate;
  • appreciate their leadership role and its impact on the performance of IG;
  • identify how they can individually contribute to their day to day work to enhance a service culture within their range of responsibility;
  • enhance team work, mutual accountability and performance; and
  • demonstrate how they can promote and sustain a culture of continuous process improvement