Supporting Innovations in Strategic Areas of National Development

  • Hon. Prisca Sezi Mbaguta, Minister of State for Public Service(5th from right, front row) chief guest at the ceremonial opening of Jinja Tourism Information Centre, October 29, 2014

C CSCU supports conception and implementation of innovations in the Public Service. The College strives to change the culture of Uganda Public Service to one that emphasises thinking about possible solutions rather than obstacles. This is achieved through raising awareness of public officers on local and global changes, enabling them to adopt an innovative culture in performance and service delivery.
The support that CSCU provides includes:

  • Identifying factors that influence organisational, process or product innovations and/or reengineering.

  • Raising innovation consciousness within the Uganda Public Service.

  • Enhancing innovation capacity of public servants.

  • Assisting MDAs and LGs to conceive, plan and implement innovations that add value to their institutions/organisations.

  • Strengthening leadership necessary to create and sustain a work environment where public servants feel safe and valued to take risks; offer suggestions; and try new ideas.


  • Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • Tallinn City Government