Civil Service College Uganda

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The Permanent Secretary (PS), Ministry of Public Service is the Accounting Officer of the CSCU.
Alongside the Permanent Secretary is the Management Committee. The role of the Committee is to enhance the interaction between the CSCU and its client-organisations and partners. Members of the Committee shall comprise leaders knowledgeable in their professional fields, with rich and diverse experiences that provide an essential link between the CSCU and MDAs, LGs, Development Partners and grass root communities. The role of this Committee is to sign off CSCU’s strategy and oversee its performance at high level.

The Director is the head of CSCU and responsible for overall leadership and day-to-day management of the College and is accountable to the Permanent Secretary. The Director is assisted by heads of department.
CSCU comprises five (5) core Departments. Four (4) departments are technical namely;

  • Governance and Public Service.
  • Leadership and Management Development.
  • Information, Communication and Technology.
  • Research and Development.
  • One (1) department provides supportive function, namely Finance and Administration.